Past Projects

Non disclosure agreements cover the majority of our work, due to its confidential nature, as it would with any work we may do with you…..

Some of the work quoted has been carried out directly by our management and others where we have been acting with, or for, other 3rd party organisations:


When a major UK brewer wanted to relocate its sales and marketing function away from the traditional head office environment in London they needed help:

  • announcing the move
  • managing the communications programme
  • creating content and design
  • managing the ongoing sales of employee owned properties. 

They also needed assistance coordinating both the Executive recruitment as well as local secretarial and temporary staff placement.


[1] When this major UK Chemist/retailer closed its Southern England HO presence they needed assistance with:

  • the move announcements, venue sourcing and event co-ordination
  • interviewing all employees and tailoring relocation solutions based on the research and outcomes
  • guidance and help with retention planning and management.

We supported this and retained more employees than they thought possible, much to their delight and savings in recruitment, redundancy, disruption time and training costs. 

[2] When this UK household and grocery retailer was taken over, the parent company wanted to review the implications and costs of moving the old firms head office and staff to the new head office in another part of the country. We aided with the analysis and the implementation of the relocation plan and its presentation to their Board. 


When this major UK defence contractor received additional grant funding for the creation of a new factory they needed help with:

  • organising the announcement
  • relocating key employees with their moves
  • coordination of the redundancy programme
  • management, containment and "turning" of a disruptive cabal of employees intent on sabotaging the move.


Over the years we have aided a number of major pharmaceutical firms with site relocations, amalgamations and closures. These have ranged from:

  • move announcements & multiple site workshops
  • policy research, policy writing, union discussions
  • coach tours and information rooms
  • home sale management and expense management.

They have ranged in size from moves effecting 5 employees over a few months to more than a 1,000 over a period of 3 years.

National Transport Infrastructure

When a major transport infrastructure control unit relocated, we:

  • created information rooms
  • contributed to both the content and direction of the communications plan
  • co-ordinated work shops for:
  • families with schooling issues
  • first time buyers & renters, home owners
  • supported the overall communications plan.

This also included, in conjunction with the resident HR, Union discussions and negotiations. 

Precision Instruments

When this precision instrument maker wanted to relocate its marketing and distribution offices we aided them with:

  • finding new premises in their destination location
  • announcing the move to those being offered relocation
  • provided ongoing support
  • provided home search and property sales services until the move concluded. 

Professional Advisors

When this major architectural firm took on a massive new project they needed assistance with the creation of drive time zone analysis, move boundaries, policy advice and other aspects. We are the ones they turned too for this extra level of expertise with our knowldege or move dynamics and GIS [Geographic Information Systems and Profiling].


When this American provider of technology came to the UK, to support a high profile UK project, the initial parts of the project were miss-managed by their internal team.

The net result was the poisoning of their global recruitment pool, for all future global expansion, which became disengaged from the company.

The ramifications for its global growth plans were serious. We were retained to try and resolve the issues.

We systematically resolved each issue, re-engaged the recruitment pool and helped them get their international expansion plans back on track.  


We aided this utilities and infrastructure provider with:

  • the creation of their information rooms, at departure and destination locations
  • the updating of information
  • and were the interface with employees on site/s. 


When this major FMCG wanted to fit out its new relocated offices we aided with the tendering process and selection of the fit out specialists and their appointment and management.


When this multi national decided to move two different manufacturing plants within Europe they also needed to co-ordinate moves from the US too, all on tight budgets and schedules as well as overcoming intra european cultural issues between the two sites and the two european workforces.  

If you seek advice, guidance or direction, a communications programme, facilitation of management briefings, or the total management of everything, from announcement to project completion, we probably have a way of helping you.

Group Move Management is a specialism. It's what we do.

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