People Profiling

People Profiling

Understanding who may move, who won't move and those who will will move is crucial to all your planning.

Using the science of Axiology [the science of value] and a bespoke employee questionnaire specifically designed for Group Moves, or global relocation of employees on assignment, we have an eye wateringly accurate way of assessing:

  • If an employee will relocate
  • If they will integrate with teams
  • If they will be suitable hires/transfers
  • If they will actually perform in the role you have in mind once moved.

Using this information we will be able to save you money, have the right people in the right role and performing.

The risk reduction this process brings should not be under estimated and the data it provides in group move situations can be a substantial cost saver.

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Looking after International Assignments too? Our profiling system is uniquely placed to answer the key questions you are faced with when growing and selecting a global talent pool. To discover more just email and ask for our Global Assignments and Profiling Report.