Information Room Systems

Group Move success relies on consistent communications

A major part of any communications programme is the move information room or "hub".

 As THE innovator in this field we provide unique group move information room displays and information systems, tailored     for each move and area.

 We have tools that store data, enable interaction between relocating employees and the syste. It also tracks data and enables delivery of policy matters, housing, education, leisure, recruitment and more. making the whole job of sharing the right information, at the right time, much easier; for quicker, more reliable, more successful results.

 The systems enable data analysis on maps for house prices, drive time zones, places and commute areas of interest and more. It helps inform relocation policy and expenses. It can highlight uncovered HR issues that can go unnoticed otherwise and helps avoid expensive, awkward, difficult to manage consequences. 

You will not find this system or approach anywhere else 

This system is unique to Group Move Manager. We are the only suppliers to the relocation industry of this cutting edge application and process. If you would like to discover more about this unique relocation information room solution just email us for a copy of our information pack: or call us on 01635 917373 now.

What we provide, and what we do, will save you time, increase efficiency, wow your employees and make their lives [and yours] simpler too.