Group Move Manager is a unique consultancy that advises, and trains others in how to prepare for, manage, organise and run group moves that involve the relocation of groups of people.

Some projects have involved just 5-30 people over a period of 6 months, others have been unique projects involving upwards of 1,000 people per employer, with multiple year durations, across a wide range of industries. Some have been cross culural too, in different parts of Europe, where the challenges become even more interesting.

Group Move Manager was founded by Sean Eastman, a veteran of the relocation management industry. His property and relocation career started in estate agency, then he worked for PHH Homequity which became Cendant, then Cartus Mobilitywhere he served on the UK Executive Board. He also helped start up ARC Relocation (which later became part of Phoenix ARC).

He has been Senior Operations Manager at HCR [Hambro Countrywide Relocation], worked at Hometrack Data Systems as National Sales Manager and with The Relocation Company, before setting up Group Move Manager. 


Group Move Manager provides a range of bespoke services to help business owners, CEO's and HR Management, make their Group Move as successful as possible.

We support other consultancies too, when they have need of interim expertise.

Group Moves would nearly always go smoothly if:

a) you have plenty of time to plan them (doesn’t always happen)

b) everyone did what was expected of them (rarely do, especially some employees – even senior management) and

c) all the logistics of telephony, removals, systems, IT, property matters, announcements, recruitment fairs, succession plans and more, all followed the planned path – which they rarely do.

However, with relevant expertise, the ability to pre-plan and exceute, it is all about planning for both the expected and unexpected and some of the things we suggest you plan for you won't believe – but will be very glad you did!

Our services will help you because:

  • the personnel move planning process aids the identification of the problem areas you will come across
  • it will help you think through and devise solutions to overcome them.

"So, I would urge you to get a copy of my FREE report to help you with your thinking and planning for your group move".

If GroupMoveManager can help in any way, just call direct on 01635 917373 or email sean.eastman@groupmovemanager.co.uk

For general information just send an email to: info@groupmovemanager.co.uk