Employee, Corporate & Video Communications

The Best Way To Communicate Your Move

Today, everything happens fast, especially in a "connected everywhere" world.

Meaning it is essential messages are managed, and communicated clearly, quickly and unambiguously, especially when so many people are affected; as in a Group Move.

And you have the dangers of exposure, and "fake news" badly undermining your best intentions via Social Media.

Internal Employee Communications have many challenges at the best of times; but never more so than when you have to advise groups of staff, individual departments, individuals in 1:1's and company wide. It also means advising families, suppliers, clients and others, as you will have to do in your Group Move at various different times.

Our programme has the scope and finesse to deliver good news – as well as bad – and to sign post issues clearly to ensure success, using as many channels as needed.

At Group Move Manager, we deliver a complete Employee Communication Programme from inception to delivery and beyond….

Not only can we provide the written word, but through our Video Production Company we have a team with deep experience of Group Move Announcements and Group Move Communications in a variety of mediums including Video.

Our team have worked with leading UK companies to make sure that key announcements are distributed in a timely way, with the right content, emphasis and information.

We also have ways of managing the negatives of a group move too, that enhance your reputation and manage it proactively at a difficult and vulnerable time.

We can prepare, script, edit and publish all the materials you need and for video elements we shoot, edit and upload with just the right corporate messages for intranet, email, mobile, workshops, shareholders, and the wider world.

Our Communication Methods Help You Gain The Right Result

We understand the dynamics of a Group Move well; after all we have managed quite a few. We know what needs to be said, by whom and how and when. We also know what needs NOT to be said. 

Whether your business is small or large we have helped communicate via different channels, with employee workshops, relocation policy, department briefings, staff interviews, counselling, to company wide announcements in diverse locations. We have also provided venue hire, staging and more.

We ensure employees receive consistent messaging via written form in all it's channels and via Video – as appropriate to each move – and the evolving stages of a move.

For your HR Relocation Policy Content, to union consultaton and input, promoting the new area, aiding with recruitment messaging, outplacement, redundancy we have plans to help. We have a range of solutions for whatever Group Move challenge you have, where the right communication can put things right and keep things moving.

If you wish to discover more, contact us on 01635 917373, or email info@groupmovemanager.co.uk.