Are YOU Managing a Group Move/Relocation?

Is Your Company Considering A Group Move/Relocation?

IF you are you will discover – as others have done before you – that managing a Group Move is NOT the same as managing a typical, single, relocation case, or 10 relocation cases are year or even a 100 as part of you normal mobility management!

The dynamics are different, more complex, involve more communication channels.

Whatever the reason for your company move it will have an impact throughout your company; from your MD, right down to the toilet cleaner!

It affects morale, business continuity, productivity, staff, families, customers, suppliers, the old and new area communities and your PROFITS. 

Above all it affects you

Whether you are the CEO, the FD, Senior Management or the HR professional, it will be you that is faced with managing the most important asset of the business during this period of transition and major upheaval – your human and intellectual capital.

Without key staff and workers being retained, without a well structured succession, recruitment, outplacement and retention programme in place; together with the correct evaluation of the external support you may be need, knowing who may move and who simply won't, the goals of the move can be undermined quickly and completely.

Which you don’t want to happen on your watch!

To help you avoid all the pitfalls GroupMoveManager was set up to provide you with the support, information and structure you need to cover it all, making it easier for you to manage and control events and situations.

We help you and your team prepare for Group Move Success. We relay to you the key things you need to know for the preparation, communication and execution of a successful move and all the problem and risk areas you need to be aware of and many you may never have considered. All based on tried and tested approaches with other successful moves.

What we do covers:

  • How to get senior and departmental management on side to overcome the issues they may otherwise ignore – in other words issues that can torpedo the move success!

  • How to get the company to realise the affect the move will have on all levels of staff and shape the solutions to overcome them

  • How to structure and communicate the plan

  • How to structure the information room/intranet and how to manage them

  • What you need in your employee communications, the content, and the steps and sequences required for sucessful delivery

  • How to decide who and what you may need for external support

  • How to decide on the policy benefits that work and to avoid the costly ones that don’t!

  • How to develop your own coping mechanisms for the move and how to share those with others for maximum benefit of all

  • How to review the key risks to success and minimise, or eradicate them.

If you are even thinking of, accepting, or getting involved in managing a relocation for your company or for a consultancy, you will want our help to spark off your thinking

Our expertise has been gained at the front end of many major relocations for the likes of:

  • CAA [now known as NERC]
  • MoD
  • BG Group
  • Bass
  • Boots

and many more. We can show you the ropes,  the pitfalls and the success paths.

The ONE thing you do NOT want your business to do is learn on the move

Our deep experience suggests that few CEO’s, Senior business managers, HR managers, staff project managers or HR Directors, have actually been through a major group move BEFORE they are asked to instigate or manage one.

From our experience the impact of hidden, unexpected "internal behaviours", often from the unlikliest of sources, is often under estimated. So we help you identify them and create positive efffects for the right employee communications and engagement. Which helps your business avoid accidentially sabotaging its own move – before it's even begun.


THE demands placed on YOU will be massive

This can create additional stress for you – and all at a time when your own personal circumstances may be affected by the move too!

We have helped major businesses through numerous successful moves, advised major organisations and project managed large and small group moves in Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Government, Retailers and major transport infrastructure organisations. Which means we have a wide variety of solutions for different sectors and business cultures.

So, to discover more, get in contact:

Call 01635 917373 or email info@groupmovemanager.co.uk

Your contact with be completely confidential.

To your move success.

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